Shaun gave me an excellent Spiritual reading with loads of details about what I am doing as well as what he sees me doing in the future. He has a wonderful energy and is very professional while making one feel extremely relaxed and comfortable in his presence. I have recommended him to several of my friends who were also very happy with their readings.



I have visited shaun on two occasions and have just booked my third visit to see him.  I heard about shaun from my daughter so I had an appointmen 6 months after the passing of my wife. The things he told me were unbelievable, things that only my myself and my wife knew about.  Not once did he attempt to solicit any information from me, the information just flowed naturally.  He named my wife, mother, father in law, our poodle that died in 1984, even the fact that I had not shared out my wife's jewellery and the fact I hadn't collected her ashes from our local undertaker. I find great solace after my visits to shaun, it gives me great faith that there is life after death.



I've seen Shaun several times, hes a lovely guy who makes me feel at ease straightaway. He brings fantastic evidence of mediumship and I am astounded by the accuracy in his readings.  The readings he's given me are always very accurate an sometimes emotional, although I have to say his delivery was quite humorous and I still smile at some of the things he's said to me!  He's helped me to accept and to move towards the future rather than hanging onto the past. All in all a fantastic person who I will keep visiting time an time again :)



Shaun Gray has a rare gift and he uses it with sensitivity and consideration to the person he is dealing with.  I have seen him speak in public once and was extremely impressed by the accuracy of the information that came from the random readings he engaged in with the audience. I left with a very strong feeling that I had witnessed someone who has a definite link with the spirit world and importantly, I felt I could trust Shaun.  Since then I have had 2 one to one readings with him and on each occasion I was given very specific and often significant information which has left me in no doubt who it came from. It has been a moving experience and has given me a sense of security knowing our loved ones really are watching over us; they are concerned for our welfare , and through the likes of Shaun are able to set our minds at rest over a range of issues.



Having been a Spiritualist all my life and having had fabulous evidence of survival many times, it takes something special to make me sit up and be stunned by a great message. Well that is what happened at Bournemouth Spiritualist Church a year or two ago. We had been recommended to come and see Sean and we had been warned to expect a lovely Bristol accent. We were not disappointed!  Sean pointed to the area of the Church where we were sitting and asked if anyone knew of an Uncle in spirit who had owned a garage. I rarely put my hand up straight away and waited to see if anyone else was going to do so. No-one did so I put my hand up and said "yes, my Uncle had owned a garage".   Shaun told me that my Uncle wanted to speak to me and as he had never communicated before. Sean continued to give me a very personal message from my Uncle. He also picked up on his unusual name. I fully understood the message and thanked Sean for some stunning evidence.  To bring through such an unusual name was brilliant and from other messages given at that service I realised that Sean had a wonderful gift.



The reading I had with shaun gave me a good insight as to where I was heading on my pathway, spiritually and within my working life. Gave me peace of mind as to where my son was heading on his pathway, gave me good evidence as to the existence of my loved ones in spirit and how they are with us always.



Firstly I met you at my friends reading party and wasn't supposed to be having a reading and decided at the last minute to see you.  I was blown away when you told me things about myself that I knew deep down but didnt want to say or think told me about how my relationship was breaking down and it broke my heart as I knew deep down you were right!  You said to me that I had itchy feet in my job and that it wasn't want I wanted to do and that I would travel (I didn't believe I would travel as I was very much at that time interdependent) and a couple of months later I was working on a cruise ship! Haha.  You brought my nan through to me and told me things id felt and about my childhood with her :)  I was shocked when you said to me that she said that "there is a sock stuck between my mattress and my bed and that she thinks it needs to be moved" I got home that night and me and my mum pulled my mattress back to find a sock fall down! *shocked wasn't even the word!*  I was amazed by you from that point!  I rebooked you a few months ago and again amazing reading!  I really do recommend anyone thinking of having a reading to go to Shaun! Amazing!! Such talent!!



Never having visited a medium before I wasn't sure what to expect.  Shaun was warm and open and made me feel comfortable instantly and gave me options for the session from which I could choose what suited me best.  I liked that.  The hour whizzed by and I was amazed at what came up and in what detail.  I left very feeling positive and that I was on the right track in my life



Shaun has brought a great deal of happiness to myself and my family,i lost my 19 yr old son 24 yrs ago,and it wasnt untill we met shaun round about 5-6 yrs ago, that we had much contact..our first meeting with him was astounding,my son came through loud and clear..with the most uplifting and personal messages..another time my mother came through, it was so funny, she was such a character,and she had shaun doing an irish jig! wonderful.. i lost my step grandson 2 yrs ago, and took my daughter in law and her daughter to see shaun..he came through to shaun with the most amazing touching and meaningful, shaun is very unique..he is special..his pace is perfect, a lot of the audience get a message and everyone leaves the meeting with a smile on their face, he is......the best x



I have had two readings one to one with shaun,and he has been spot on on both occassions. The first one i had with him i was hoping my husband would come through,he didnt but my dad came through and i was so amazed at what Shaun told me.  My second reading with Shaun just blew me away, he told me all about a fall out I had with a best friend.  My mum also came through .I would not have anyone else to do my readings because he is on the ball.if anyone asks me if i know off a medium his name will be right out off my mouth



Shaun Grey is a gifted and talented spirit medium.  I have attended four sessions with Shaun having selected him after a demonstration at a church in Reading where he gave precise details to the subject audience. During each of my sessions with Shaun he demonstrated a unique and powerful mediumship. For example he gave me details of my late fathers background dating back to 1941 which only I knew. Shaun also recounted extensive details from a recently passed close friend relating to our cars, our close friendship and our working relationship. Many details were specific, precise and meaningful. My late friend gave me advice and made his own requests to help his grieving family.  Shaun also indicated that several highly significant things would happen in future, and they proved correct. These matters were very personal relating to my business and my family.



Meeting with Shaun was a great experience, he was very polite and professional. I've heard from a lot of people that he was very accurate and right on point, so I contacted him to arrange, a little bit of a wait, but very worth it. The information I asked about was from whomever that had crossed over, and also a little into my future. The information I received was amazing, the things I was told, no one could have known about, for me I now feel at peace, and at the time watery eyed :) . That was my first experience with a medium, and I know I made the right choice.



I first saw Shaun at Portishead Spiritulist Church in November 2010.  I was with my daughter, her husband, and my sons girl friend.  My daughters husband was very sceptical about these things and only came because my daughter wanted him there.

Shaun went to my son-in-law and said he had a friend (my Son) who had died in a car accident he then went on to give alot of evidence regarding his funeral.

Shaun then moved to my daughter and on to me and then to my sons girlfirend who had decided to defer a year out of Uni due to the recent death in the family - Shaun told her that he said she must get on and do as they had talked about, he also said that had she worn something inside out - which happened the monday before.  Shaun said that he way saying " its cool to wear labels but not on the outside" which was typical of his sense of humour.  Shaun did pick up on the itinial of his name and said it was a nick name but it wasnt til we approached him after to say thank you that he all of a sudden said his name.

I then saw shaun a further 2 times and on each occasion the detail he was passing from my son was amazing.  At my last sitting with shaun he said about me travelling and living abroad, this was not even in my mind - then 3 months later I was offered the chance to move to New Zealand for 2 years for work.



Just want to say thanks for the reading you gave at my home I was in a beautiful calm environment an thoroughly enjoyed your company.  Most of my reading at this time has come true-regarding my job and other avenues iv looked at. The contact iv had with my mother and my daughter was touching as I was at quite a low point before I had the reading.  I would just like to say a massive thankyou!



If you are looking for a good medium, in my opinion you need look no further than Shaun Gray.  Over the past fews years he has consistently given me excellent evidence of the continuity of life, including family details, names and meaningful messages from my loved ones.  Some of these facts were unknown to me at the time but confirmed later.  I can assure you I am not at all gullible or easily pleased.  Also, I have always found Shaun  to be reliable, punctual, polite and caring as a person.  He is dedicated to the service of spirit and I know he has worked (and continues to work) very hard at attain such a high standard of mediumship.



I had a reading with Shaun about 6 months ago and felt like I was at crossroads with work. I was recommended Shaun and he very kindly, at the last minute, slotted me in for a reading. I was anxious because I had never met him but once I was greeted I felt at ease straight away. As for the reading, well he blew me away with the accuracy of my past and gave me a really good clear concise description of what to expect and why things where happening at the time. The reading flew by and luckily he allowed me to record it because there was so much detail. Six months have now past and I have listened to my reading again to find that everything has happened or is in place to happen. I have been for readings in the past and my experience of Shaun by far is the best, I have even recommended him to people who are sceptical because I am that confident.



When I visited Shaun I was at a low ebb, I felt I had the whole world on my back.  Shaun confirmed a lot of things I felt and knew and did not know and he put me back on the right path.  Whilst he spoke to me, I felt so much at peace, which I did ot think I would feel.  Two weeks later things he told me did take place and I knew what I needed to do.  I have revisited Shaun as he has given me so much confirmation and I always come away with a real feeling of peace.  I have over the years visited many spiritual people and I can say Shaun is one of the top people I have seen.