Spiritualism and Mediumship has come up against much opposition since its birth, but it is hardly surprising when it claims to answer the biggest question known to man - What happens after death?  There may be sceptics and agnostics out there that choose not to believe in spirit or the spirit world.  Some people choose to believe that when they die it's like a light, a switch that just turns itself off and then there is nothingness.  I think it's quite sad that some people choose to believe that, but it's truly not the case, as Albert Einstein said "energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed within its form" and as we all energy, so therefore, doesn't it makes sense that this energy must move on.


Just because the average person cannot see the spirit world with their own eyes, it doesn't mean it doesn't exist.  It's hard for any evolved soul to explain what the spirit world is like, it's like trying to explain to a fish that has only lived in the depths of the sea and only understands pressure and water, what air is like or sunshine or clouds, the sky or the wind, trying to explain the spirit world is the same in that context, that there are things beyond our understanding upon our earthly minds, that there are things that exist within life that we just accept.  Love for instance is something that we cannot see and we cannot hear, but yet we feel, we know it through and through.  Love is accepted through all religions and faiths, all across the world.  Yet it's that spark of love is more real than anything we can touch in this world. Love is what we have been created from and what we all strive for.   Love is considered natural and so is life after our earthly death.


Shaun x

We live, at times in a very harsh world, a world which is shadowed with physical wants, physical desires and physical needs, a world in which we only view with the physical eye, but yet we are so much more.  We are part of a power, a unique and beautiful power.  A power which is absolute love, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, a power that is of perfect peace.  A power that holds no limitations. It is this very power that flows through the spirit and the soul energy itself, the spirit of the divine spark of your trueness, the super consciousness of your true self and the soul surrounding the spirit which is the subconscious, that part which retains all your memories, experiences, all that you have learnt through your growth of your life and the spirit and the soul being incarnated within your physical body, within this physical world that allows the spirit to evolve through the experiences that life has to offer.


It is hard to comprehend that your spirit and your soul has always existed, has always been, that part which never stops learning and growing that is striving to reach a perfection upon which it will take an eternity to reach.  I believe that part of our journey in life, in the physical plane is to allow that great light, that great light of our spirit to manifest and shine here on the physical plane or physical reality.  The ultimate truth that is there is no death, that death itself is but just a simple step into a higher vibration and being of life.  When we pass from this physical world, we live within a reality, a plane, an existence that is beyond this one in the here and now.  Through a greater understanding, through philosophy, through patience, through compassion and an ever yearning need to learn, we can truly learn to be wise and be good inhabitants of the spirit world which will someday be our home.

shaun garden