Shaun has been aware of Spirit since childhood. At first he thought it was his imagination, but  has always had an inner knowing of God and Spirit.


From the age of 8 he began to learn the martial art of Tae Kwon-Do which he studied for over 16 years reaching a black belt 2nd Dan.  He didn't realise at the time, but it taught him a lot about discipline and how to focus the mind.


It was whilst in his late 20's, during a particularly low period of  life that he cried out to Spirit for help.  Thankfully they responded by giving him inspiration and guidance that led Shaun to go to a Spiritualist Church and then started to turn life around.  IShaun was introduced to Spiritualism and attended development circles which really began to bring out the spiritual gifts.


At the age of 32, he felt there was still so much to learn and  signed up for courses at the renowned Arthur Findlay College in Stansted.  He truly began to connect with Spirit and develop as a medium during his time there.  Shaun has also been privileged to of studied with some of the best tutors and work with some of the best mediums in the country.


He has served many Spiritualist churches and centres around the UK and abroad and have undertaken more courses to improve his mediumship and connection with spirit.  Having passed the Spiritualist's National Union's Platform Accreditation Scheme (PAS), as well as the Certificate of Recognition for Mediumship in Public Speaking, Demonstrating ,Private Readings and Teaching (CSNU) and Diplomas in Demonstrating, Private Readings, Public Speaking and Basic Foundation (DSNU). This has given him the confidence to spread his work further afield as Shaun was guided by Spirit to undertake the work full-time.

Since then, Shaun has attended many other courses relating to all aspects of mediumship, he is known for his teaching skills in his workshops and seminars on Psychic and Mediumistic Ability and known for giving 1-2-1 private readings and demonstrations for people all over the UK and abroad.


Shaun has now become very well known for his depth of evidence and accuracy that he gives in his demonstrations and private readings. His demonstrations often come with laughter and wonderful uplifting warmth that will touches the hearts of the audience.


Spirit to him is about touching people on a deeper spiritual level and helping people to gain a greater knowledge of truth and in turn to find strength, joy, wisdom and balance upon their pathway of life. It is not just about the message from the platform, but a deeper message of life eternal and our innate spirituality. It reunites loved ones here on the physical plane with those in the world of spirit. This gives those left behind a sense of peace, comfort and hope for the future. Shaun hopes that through the power of mediumship,  people can open their hearts and minds to the eternal Universal love and power that exists and embrace the fact that there is no death.


Shaun works using all the senses clairvoyance, clairsentients, clairaudience, clairalience, clairhambience  and has a strong sense of knowing, which he desires to use to bring a calmness, ease and better understanding to many people's lives.



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